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BIOGRAPHY OF ISU OKOCHE SAMUEL(YGS). Isu Okoche Samuel(YGS) was born into the family of Engr.Patrick Isu Okoche in Benue. He went to community primary in his village,in 1999,having finish his primary education he was took by his parents to Ado ekiti,the western part of Nigerian in 2001,where his parents went to live for their business, he was put to one private school in the west,for him to start a new school and get a good refresh brain about education.





Isu okoche samuel studied physics and geography in the university as his field in science.He outline some features that made him to study physics and geography.
Physics and geography is a good field to deal with because physics will view more knowledge about about matter,objects and their quantities while geography will tell you more about earth and the solar system.
He looked into these and become interested to study it because he like the earth and solar system.